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Rochester premier roofing

Our roofing crew will arrive at your home at 7:00am. The foreman—the leader of the roofing crew—will inform the crew members of the scope of the project, and the crew will walk around the property to assess the roof and come up with a plan of where to start. After deciding what section to start with, the crew will remove any items that may be in the way (e.g. patio furniture, garden lights, barbecues, etc.).

Then, they’ll lay out tarps on the ground below the section that’s going to be torn off. Protection plywood is placed against the house to protect the siding and windows from falling debris. Temporary walls are built in some cases to protect flowers, gardens, etc.

We do not tear off the entire roof at once—we tear off in sections so that, at the end of the day, your roof is 100% water tight.

After the roof has been torn off, the roof decking gets de-nailed and the gutters get hand-cleaned and blown out.

At this point, the crew divides into two groups:

  1. Ground crewThey begin cleaning the ground and bringing up materials and equipment needed. The ground is 100% cleaned up by the end of the day. We use rolling magnets and hand magnets to pick up nails around the property and in gardens.

  2. Roof techniciansThey inspect the roof deck/plywood and replace any damaged plywood. The crew leader will inform you if there is any plywood that needs to be replaced and why.

After the decking has been inspected and approved, the roofing technicians will begin installing the underlayments.

Aluminum drip edge is installed along the bottom edge of the roof. Two rows of 6 feet of ice and water protection are installed along the eves, valleys, around chimneys and walls, and around penetrations. After the ice and water shield has been installed, the synthetic underlayment is now installed over the remainder of the roof deck to the ridge. In other words, the underlayment completely covers the roof before shingles are installed.

Aluminum drip edge is installed on the rake edges/gables side of the roof. Starter shingles are installed along the bottom edge. New shingles are installed and any pipes sticking through the roof will have new pipe boots installed around them and painted to match the roof.

Once all of the new roofing has been installed, the ridge vents will be installed along the peaks of the roof to improve ventilation.

After the roof is complete, the roof will be blown off again and the gutters will be blown out again to ensure that the gutters are completely free of debris.

The entire crew will walk around the house for a final clean-up to make sure that all debris has been cleaned up. We will also roll magnets again and blow off decks, driveways, sidewalks, etc.

You will be left with a perfectly leak-free roof and a clean yard.